iPhone Research : Project 2013
What is it all about?
We are running a research project looking at what people do with their iPhones. To take part we install software on your phone that records a video of all your iPhone use. These videos are uploaded onto a website where you can then choose to hide or share the videos with us, allowing you to protect your privacy.
We would like it if you could take part for seven days, and let us interview you about your iPhone use.

Who are we looking for?
We are looking for participants who have an iPhone and use it daily for web access, email and calls. Taking part means that we record you phone use for one week - we appreciate we might potentially record private data so we have set up a website that allows you to delete use of your phone that you would like to keep private.

Who are we?
We are researchers working at Mobile Life - a research centre that is part of Stockholm University. Dr Barry Brown is the project lead, working with Moira McGregor (PhD Student). Barry and Moira have published work studying how iPhones are used and this study is a continuation of that work.

Why are we doing this?
We are interested in what apps people use when, and how they use different applications together. This data will let us understand how iPhones are used, and how different people use their phones in different ways.

What happens?
We will install a recording app that takes screenshots of what you do on your phone and records audio from the iPhone's microphone. This app allows us to see potentially everything that you do on your iPhone. These videos are uploaded to a website where you can then select if you want to delete the video or share it with the researchers. After seven days of uploading your iPhone use you can turn the application off and delete it from your iPhone and we will not have any more connection to your phone.

Every evening you are taking part in the research, you can review your videos from the day and select if you want to share them with us or not. You can then give a short description of what you were doing when you used your phone.

After the seven days we will meet up with you and interview you to find out some more about your iPhone use.

What will happen to the data?
We will analyse the data to look for patterns in when and where people use their phones. For example, we are interested in if you use a public transport app before getting on the subway or bus. The data will be used within our own research group. Some screenshots might be shared with others, but they will be anonymised if they are used.

Sounds great, how do I take part?
Drop us an email or give us a phone call - we'll tell you how to get started and install the software.

Contact Moira
e: moira@mobilelifecentre.org
t: 076-064-6873

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